Questions, questions, questions

What do you want to spend your time doing this year? How do you want your life to look? What kind of people would you like to surround yourself with? What’s important to you in this next year? What do you need to change to achieve that kind of life? What happened in your life?Continue reading “Questions, questions, questions”

Reflecting on February

“What’s the most important thing to you that you accomplished in February? I made a “Day in the History of Racial Injustice” post every day. I completed every assignment for my civil rights class. I took black and white photos and made contact sheets! I have deep root cleaning done on my teeth. What doContinue reading “Reflecting on February”

My Monday Mindset

Sometimes I can work smart. Sometimes I work hard without being smart about the project. Sometimes I fail for lack of working hard and smart at the same time. I dubbed 2022 the year of “Easier, not harder.” That will be my only litmus test. Is this easier or harder? My current project failure isContinue reading “My Monday Mindset”

Reflecting on January

“What’s the most important thing to you that you accomplished in January? In January, I managed to post a racial injustice post for and on each day. February is the shortest month – what do I plan to get done by the end of the month that will help me on my journey?” My goalContinue reading “Reflecting on January”

Ending 2021 Intentionally

So that I could start the new year off fresh, I am being intentional about ending 2021 with reflections. Tayja’s high school graduation and start of college, my taking a digital storytelling class, my committing to regular blogging and my hard earned improved health are my highlights of 2021. The loss of family members toContinue reading “Ending 2021 Intentionally”