Draw This Stuff

Every Day Drawing Challenge. https://monalisaliveshere.files.wordpress.com/2014/01/365-days-of-every-day-drawing-challenge-prompts.pdf

Draw from a video, stopping it at random times to draw the scene for just two minutes. 

Go for a drive and draw what you see from a car window.

Draw some paper money.

Left hand draws the right hand. Right hand draws the left hand.

Do a daily visual journal page.

Draw parts of things you can see around you.

Copy part of a statue.

“Hourly Comic Day” Draw a comic frame every waking hour of a day.

30 faces in 30 days

Sketch with my non-dominant hand.

Draw from a high viewpoint.

100 people in 5 day. The goal is to sketch as many people as you can 5 days.

30 dragons in 30 days

Practice drapery by drawing a quilt or blanket draped on the sofa.

Sketch people with a brush pen while chatting.

Start a “sketch diet”

Frame your day. https://youtu.be/Qg_LWGp_owg

Doodle on and print linoleum blocks to get the hang of the medium.

Do quick little 3-minute drawing of an object from your desk.

Draw a recipe.

Go outside. Alphabet trick: Pick a letter of the alphabet (lets say B). Think of things that start with the letter B that could become the focus of a little investigation (birds, beetles, berries, things that are blue, etc.). Choose one of these and use it as a lens through which to see the world. The next time you go out, pick a different letter.

Think visually (draw and diagram your ideas).

Draw with your now dominate hand.

Draw at school sports games, school plays, and school concerts. They are great places to practice gestures.

Draw in Subway stations and museums and restaurants and on street corners.

Copy a masterpiece.

Instead of copying a masterpiece, alter it.

Pull out the watercolors to do some one color value studies.

Draw vintage mug shots or yearbook photos.

Draw continuous line/blind contour faces, lots of faces.

Take an in-complete sketch and work it to another level through mixed media layering and experimentation.

Draw a weekly self portrait from a mirror image using a different medium each week.

Draw you workspace from memory.

Draw something that is real with something from imagination.

Draw or paint a monster that is designed to compete in the ultimate monster fighting championship. Include organic (animal anatomy) and hard surface (tech) design elements. Embrace the title of ‘pseudo-scientist’. You don’t have to be a master of physiology, paleontology, or anatomy. Your goal is to know ENOUGH to create a convincing design.

Practice painting eyes with gouache.

Create a portrait using any medium/process that gets your hands delightfully dirty.

Draw everything in your pockets.

Draw something winter.

Sketch people at work, wherever you see them.

Reimage a book cover for a favorite books.

Do quick little 3-minute drawing of something that you ate today.

Draw 100 watercolor people sketched on location.

Draw a cross section of a large onion.

If you were not here, doing what you’re doing right now, where would you be and what would you be doing? Draw it.

Do sketches and studies from memories of places you have been and things you have seen.

Create quick sketches from quick glances.

Draw using liquid watercolor with a dip pen.

Choose a project, do it every day for 100 days. Pick something that will take about 5 minutes.

Do a selfie series. Draw five (or more) in a row. You’ll see the benefits of repetition.

Draw three days in a row in the same spot.

Draw a 100 characters from imagination.

Draw a 100 faces.

Draw a 100 continuous line self portraits.

Sketch from every window in your house.

Sketch 20 people in about an hour a day for 5 days in someplace with a lot of people.

Draw a collection of coins.

Draw the alphabet, different letter each day, with the theme of your choosing.

Make an illustrated book of strong influential woman, either real or imagined.

Document the growth and or blooming of a plant.

Draw a tree in all 4 seasons.

Sketch every corner of your house.

Practice drawing people by searching online for “crowds of people” and then draw.

Draw the things you can see out your windows.

Paint first. Draw over the top of the paint.