Filmmaking Class Week 4

Class Notes: Theme = the inferred stance taken on a topic of a story. Everything that happens within a story should reference back to a theme. Reflection Questions for Six Word Memoir Project My Answer: For my Six Word Memoir I skimped on the writing part. I was in “documentary” mind set. I did brainstormContinue reading “Filmmaking Class Week 4”

Identity & Reality: Cinematic Production & Critical Studies Week 1&2

As part of my personal growth in 2023, I am taking a filmmaking class at the Rivers School in Weston, Massachusetts. The class is taught by Sophie Lane. Filmmaking is about communicating ideas through audio-visual means. In this class I will practice visual storytelling that is personal and compelling and learn to connect with myContinue reading “Identity & Reality: Cinematic Production & Critical Studies Week 1&2”

January Notes

Success can be learned. Change requires measurement and longitudinal tracking. Darren Hardy writes, “Winners are trackers” in The Compound Effect. Goals are about the results you want to achieve. Systems are about the processes that lead to those results. Systems are almost the antithesis of goals, in that they’re entirely about creating a repeatable setContinue reading “January Notes”

Small Teachings

Yesterday I lucked upon a book on learning that was so interesting that I read it in one sitting. Small Teaching: Everyday Lessons from the Science of Learning by James M. Lang (2016) explains small changes or quick activities that you can incorporate into any course to boost student learning. He breaks down several strategiesContinue reading “Small Teachings”

September Notes

Addlepated ~ being mixed up : confused : eccentric. Prat ~ an incompetent, stupid, or foolish person; an idiot. Or a person’s buttocks. Sisyphean ~ of, relating to, or suggestive of the labors of Sisyphus specifically : requiring continual and often ineffective effortg to a task that can never be completed. In Greek mythology, SisyphusContinue reading “September Notes”