December Notes

I cannot control every aspect of the world around me; I can take control of how I interpret and deal with things in my environment. I believe in my resilience. Patience is everything. The person who understands principles can choose their own methods. – Warwick Schiller Most children are amazing critical thinkers until we silenceContinue reading “December Notes”

Recording Notes

Gramophone ~ recording machine (meaning ‘sound-pencil’) made in 1887. The graphophone was largely similar to the phonograph, but in place of tin-foil they used cylinders of hard wax coated onto cardboard sleeves as the recording medium. This was a great technical advance, for it not only gave much greater quality of reproduction but also allowedContinue reading “Recording Notes”

Notes on the Lincoln Highway

I read this book as a Rivers Faculty & Staff book club assignment. These are my notes. The Lincoln Highway, a Great American Road Novel by Amor Towles — three 18-year-olds who met in a juvenile reformatory, plus a inquisitive, abnormally smart 8-year-old — journey from Nebraska to New York City in an old StudebakerContinue reading “Notes on the Lincoln Highway”

September Notes

MAKE TIME TO DRAW!! Nothing is more important. “Don’t copy. Steal.” See the world around us. Ideas are everywhere. Find ideas and translate them. Rather than waiting for inspiration to strike (which it rarely does when I’m going about my daily suburban life) I simply focus on finding somewhere comfortable and safe to sit, andContinue reading “September Notes”