Of Women and Salt

In Of Women and Salt by Gabriela Garcia all in the voices are of women and the stories all center around women. The faculty book club at the Rivers School in Weston, Massachusetts choose the book for their March selection. It is an intergenerational novel, centered around Jeannette, a young woman struggling with addiction, andContinue reading “Of Women and Salt”

Teaching as a Subversive Activity

The first term this year at The Rivers School, I was fortunate to share an office with four middle school educators. One teaches math to reluctant 7th graders. Three teach 8th grade humanities. All had a wealth of interesting books on their desks. Eighth-grade humanities called “Systems of Justice and Injustice,” is an interdisciplinary courseContinue reading “Teaching as a Subversive Activity”

These Precious Days

These Precious Days is a 2021 essay collection by American writer Ann Patchett. The 336-page book of 24 previously published essays was revised for the collection. I read this book as a Rivers Faculty & Staff book club assignment. These are my notes. “Essays never filled my days,” Patchett writes, “but they reminded me thatContinue reading “These Precious Days”

Notes on the Lincoln Highway

I read this book as a Rivers Faculty & Staff book club assignment. These are my notes. The Lincoln Highway, a Great American Road Novel by Amor Towles — three 18-year-olds who met in a juvenile reformatory, plus a inquisitive, abnormally smart 8-year-old — journey from Nebraska to New York City in an old StudebakerContinue reading “Notes on the Lincoln Highway”

The Master Project #1

Robert Kaupelis in his book Experimental Drawing wrote, “To experience and extend both your appreciation of drawing and your ability to delineate form through the meaningful making of marks, for this first problem, I am going to ask you to begin with an old or modern master drawing. I believe that it is important toContinue reading “The Master Project #1”

Upside Down

In the Betty Edwards art book, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, Betty provides an upside down Pablo Picasso sketch of the ‘Portrait of Igor Stravinsky.’ I picked a different Picasso sketch, ‘Femme se coiffant — study for ‘La Guerre et la Paix’. When I turn the reference picture upside down, the pictureContinue reading “Upside Down”