Intermediate Art Project 4

As part of my personal growth in 2022, I am taking an intermediate drawing class at the Rivers School in Weston, Massachusetts. The class is taught by Jeff Nesbit. After spending a couple of weeks drawing parts of a face, project four was to copy two statutes from a National Geographic magazine. What went well?Continue reading “Intermediate Art Project 4”

The Master Project #1

Robert Kaupelis in his book Experimental Drawing wrote, “To experience and extend both your appreciation of drawing and your ability to delineate form through the meaningful making of marks, for this first problem, I am going to ask you to begin with an old or modern master drawing. I believe that it is important toContinue reading “The Master Project #1”

Upside Down

In the Betty Edwards art book, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, Betty provides an upside down Pablo Picasso sketch of the ‘Portrait of Igor Stravinsky.’ I picked a different Picasso sketch, ‘Femme se coiffant — study for ‘La Guerre et la Paix’. When I turn the reference picture upside down, the pictureContinue reading “Upside Down”