Hands and Heads

As part of my personal growth in 2022, I am auditing art classes at the Rivers School in Weston, Massachusetts, taught by Jeff Nesbit. I layered water soluble graphite, purple watercolor paint and gesso to make a ground. A ground, short for background, is a base used to prepare a support for drawing or aContinue reading “Hands and Heads”

February Art Notes

Journaling facilitates thinking. It takes a consistent effort to get good at anything. Time is not really a factor in drawings. Don’t overthink. Speed drawings work. Practice, practice, practice should be a mantra with anyone who wants to make progress. Rather than trying to do everything, pick a little piece and do that well. TheContinue reading “February Art Notes”

Six Hours of Life Drawing Drop-in

Thursday’s life drawing session was a “long pose.” The long pose session was three 5-minutes poses and the the rest of the 3 hour session was the same pose. I don’t have the stamina nor the know how yet to do the same drawing for 2.5 hours. I sent the last hour or so drawingContinue reading “Six Hours of Life Drawing Drop-in”

One Drawing a Day

I commit to produce at least one drawing per day EVERY day for a year —365 days in a row — varying my materials, my location, and my thinking. My sources for direction and inspiration are the Sketchbook School One Drawing A Day online class ( https://sketchbookskool.com/kourses/a-drawing-a-day ) and One Drawing A day, a 6Continue reading “One Drawing a Day”