One Drawing a Day

I commit to produce at least one drawing per day EVERY day for a year —365 days in a row — varying my materials, my location, and my thinking.

My sources for direction and inspiration are the Sketchbook School One Drawing A Day online class ( ) and One Drawing A day, a 6 – week course exploring creativity with illustration and mixed media (1dad) which is a book written by Veronica Lawlor.

I will do all the exercises in the book and in the on line class in the same sketchbook — a 9 by 12 Series 200 Strathmore Mixed Media — and only use that book for this project. I will draw every day but in other sketchbooks if it is not for 1dad project.


This is on the inside page of the sketchbook I will use for the One Drawing A Day project.

Continuous line still life

Amir in art class.
Marc in art class

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