Animal Skulls

Roz Stendahl’s week animal homework in the online Beginning class — offered by the Sketchbook School — an assignment was to draw at a natural history museum. Instead I dug up some bones at the school where I work. I found this skull bone in the “junk to draw” bin in the 8th grade artContinue reading “Animal Skulls”

One Drawing a Day

I commit to produce at least one drawing per day EVERY day for a year —365 days in a row — varying my materials, my location, and my thinking. My sources for direction and inspiration are the Sketchbook School One Drawing A Day online class ( ) and One Drawing A day, a 6Continue reading “One Drawing a Day”

8 Objects 8 Ways

I had a free period this morning while substitute teaching so I made my first attempt at Jane LaFazio’s 8 objects / 8 ways page. I only found 6 objects to sketch in my quick look around the classroom. I drew contours with an OHTO Graphic Liner in a Canson XL Mix Media 9 inContinue reading “8 Objects 8 Ways”