Small Teachings

Yesterday I lucked upon a book on learning that was so interesting that I read it in one sitting. Small Teaching: Everyday Lessons from the Science of Learning by James M. Lang (2016) explains small changes or quick activities that you can incorporate into any course to boost student learning. He breaks down several strategiesContinue reading “Small Teachings”

Review of Admissions: A Memoir of Surviving Boarding School by Kendra James

The students of color at the Rivers School in Weston, Massachusetts, picked a memoir about a Black student’s time at a white boarding school for the summer of 2022 book. Here is my review. ADMISSIONS: A Memoir of Surviving Boarding School by Kendra James (she/her) is a memoir by the first African-American legacy student toContinue reading “Review of Admissions: A Memoir of Surviving Boarding School by Kendra James”

These Precious Days

These Precious Days is a 2021 essay collection by American writer Ann Patchett. The 336-page book of 24 previously published essays was revised for the collection. I read this book as a Rivers Faculty & Staff book club assignment. These are my notes. “Essays never filled my days,” Patchett writes, “but they reminded me thatContinue reading “These Precious Days”