Sixth Grade Latin

When I have time, I enjoy hanging in classes at the Rivers School, in Weston, MA. This is 6th grade Latin. All sixth grade students are required to take Latin 6. This course uses the Cambridge Latin Course, Unit I, a text that offers a flexible, dynamic approach to studying Latin. From the outset, studentsContinue reading “Sixth Grade Latin”

Middle School Mafia

When I subbed a Middle School Theater Arts class recently, the students played an improv game called “Mafia.” Improvisation is the the ability to take existing pieces and put them together in a new combination for a purpose. Improvisation teaches students how to make decisions quickly, how to keep calm in a fast and emotionalContinue reading “Middle School Mafia”

Teaching as a Subversive Activity

The first term this year at The Rivers School, I was fortunate to share an office with four middle school educators. One teaches math to reluctant 7th graders. Three teach 8th grade humanities. All had a wealth of interesting books on their desks. Eighth-grade humanities called “Systems of Justice and Injustice,” is an interdisciplinary courseContinue reading “Teaching as a Subversive Activity”

A Day in the Life of a Substitute Teacher

8:30 AM: A Block Foundations of Sculpture Art Around the Sculpture Room Loves in Flowers People Pile The students worked on Wire Sculptures ooking for clear gesture and good craftsmanship. 9:20 AM: B Block Advanced Art Refections of Birds A student paints on a mirror. Birds are connected to memories she has of her grandmother.Continue reading “A Day in the Life of a Substitute Teacher”