Sixth Grade Latin

When I have time, I enjoy hanging in classes at the Rivers School, in Weston, MA. This is 6th grade Latin. All sixth grade students are required to take Latin 6.

Ms. Favreau guides her sixth graders in designing Greek vases.

This course uses the Cambridge Latin Course, Unit I, a text that offers a flexible, dynamic approach to studying Latin. From the outset, students work toward developing a basic reading knowledge of the language. By reading stories set in Pompeii, 79 AD, students learn about the Roman world in a coherent and credible fashion. Students acquire translation skills and a solid introduction to the culture and customs of the Romans.

They are exposed to basic forms and grammatical constructions, and to the grammatical forms and syntactical clauses common to both English and Latin. Vocabulary and derivative skills are emphasized throughout this course. Roman aqueduct system and water management, and the way water figures into Greek and Roman stories and myths, are also focuses of the class.

They complete several art projects during the year. The day I got to hangout, the students designed Greek vases based on mythology that they studied.

They were working from this handout:

Production notes: I shot this while subbing yesterday. The teacher came back before class ended so I shot about 3 minutes of video of her teaching (notice that she still has her coat on), made a couple of still photos and put it together in InShot. I wasn’t very happy with my still photo array so I went back to the classroom and took detail photos of a Greek vase example. I took my microphone out of my bag over the weekend to record a Vlog for civil rights class forgot to put it back in my backpack so I recorded the voiceover in voice memo on my iPhone using my earphones as a microphone.

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