Filmmaking Class Week 3

Class Notes: Theme = the inferred stance taken on a topic of a story. Everything that happens within a story should reference back to a theme. Reflection Questions for Six Word Memoir Project My Answer: For my Six Word Memoir I skimped on the writing part. I was in “documentary” mind set. I did brainstormContinue reading “Filmmaking Class Week 3”

Filmmaking Class Week 3

Brainstorm Screenplay Ideas Brainstorm ideas for a screenplay using the “Personal Menu”. Choose 3 different things you put on the list and think of times in your life that illustrate each. Write about the moment or time in your life when you realized each thing was true. Start in class and finish for homework. MyContinue reading “Filmmaking Class Week 3”

Identity & Reality: Cinematic Production & Critical Studies Week 1&2

As part of my personal growth in 2023, I am taking a filmmaking class at the Rivers School in Weston, Massachusetts. The class is taught by Sophie Lane. Filmmaking is about communicating ideas through audio-visual means. In this class I will practice visual storytelling that is personal and compelling and learn to connect with myContinue reading “Identity & Reality: Cinematic Production & Critical Studies Week 1&2”

Sixth Grade Latin

When I have time, I enjoy hanging in classes at the Rivers School, in Weston, MA. This is 6th grade Latin. All sixth grade students are required to take Latin 6. This course uses the Cambridge Latin Course, Unit I, a text that offers a flexible, dynamic approach to studying Latin. From the outset, studentsContinue reading “Sixth Grade Latin”

Notes from Audio Storytelling for Journalists Class Week 3

I am taking Audio storytelling for journalists: How to tell stories on podcasts, voice assistants, social audio, and beyond” from the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas at the University of Texas at Austin. These are my notes from the third week. Create an audio toolkit. Gonzo journalism~ a type of journalism that theContinue reading “Notes from Audio Storytelling for Journalists Class Week 3”

Middle School Advisory

One of the things that I promised myself is that I would finish the stack of digital stories that I started yet did not complete in 2021. This is the second. I spent about 10 minutes in a classroom at the Rivers School in Weston, Massachusetts, during a Middle School Advisory meeting. I need toContinue reading “Middle School Advisory”

Welcome to the ZO

This digital storytelling project – created by the Marshall Project – blew me away. Michael K. Williams narrates while Molly Crabapple illustrates each episode written and directed by Kim Boekbinder and Jim Batt. “The Zo,” prison jargon for The Twilight Zone, was based on a huge archive of letters compiled by the American Prison WritingContinue reading “Welcome to the ZO”

“The Lottery” Rabbit Hole

I spend more time than I should on social media every day. Every once in a while I stumble over something interesting that sends me down a rabbit hole. Today it was this: In 1948 Shirley Jackson “The Lottery,” all the villagers in a small town gather, collect rocks, draw names to decide whom toContinue reading ““The Lottery” Rabbit Hole”