Welcome to the ZO

This digital storytelling project – created by the Marshall Project – blew me away. Michael K. Williams narrates while Molly Crabapple illustrates each episode written and directed by Kim Boekbinder and Jim Batt.

“The Zo,” prison jargon for The Twilight Zone, was based on a huge archive of letters compiled by the American Prison Writing Archive, a remarkable open-source database invented by Doran Larson, a professor of creative writing at Hamilton College.

The project was inspired by a Yale University political science class paper – The Zo”: Disorientation and Retaliatory Disorientation in American Prisons – by Patrick Doolittle written in April 2017.

The video series Welcome to the Zo won an Edward R Murrow award, a gold medal from the Society for News Design, and was nominated for two Emmys.

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