Questions, questions, questions

What do you want to spend your time doing this year? How do you want your life to look? What kind of people would you like to surround yourself with? What’s important to you in this next year? What do you need to change to achieve that kind of life? What happened in your life?Continue reading “Questions, questions, questions”

Brainstorming 2022 Intentions

Entering this new year from a place of gratitude and abundance will help me lay a foundation of self-compassion. My 12 Resolutions for 2022 were picked to nurture, feed and grow my emotions to broaden my life as it grows shorter as I age. These intentions are chunked into tasks. I will transform my resolutionsContinue reading “Brainstorming 2022 Intentions”

December Notes

I cannot control every aspect of the world around me; I can take control of how I interpret and deal with things in my environment. I believe in my resilience. Patience is everything. The person who understands principles can choose their own methods. – Warwick Schiller Most children are amazing critical thinkers until we silenceContinue reading “December Notes”