A Reset

I did not make any new resolutions for 2023. I did reflect some that I made going into 2022 that I held on to for all 12 months and have continued.

Work in progress. Vine charcoal on 18 by 24 tan charcoal paper.

Did you stick to your 2022 goals, new ones for 2023? Have you stuck to them as we end the second month of 2023?

What strengths did you exemplify last year? I am happy with my stick-to-it ness when I comes to finishing classes, filling sketchbooks, building relationships, saving for retirement and my health.

How did you surprise yourself? I surprised myself by my consistent attention to my health and with my commitment to drawing, reading and writing everyday. I read over 250 books in 2022 until I stopped logging them in August.

What were some personal highlights from last year? Mine were dropping about 60 pounds, taking drawing, audio storytelling, black literature and social justice classes.

What are some of the reasons you were proud of yourself last year? I am proud of the improvement that I have made in the technical part of drawing and with how much money I have been able to save once I cut out (most) impulse buying. Books are my addiction.

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