Day in the History of Racial Injustice

The Memphis massacre of 1866 was a series of violent events that occurred from May 1 to 3, 1866 in Memphis, Tennessee. The racial violence was ignited by political and social racism following the American Civil War, in the early stages of Reconstruction. After a shooting altercation between white policemen and black veterans recently musteredContinue reading “Day in the History of Racial Injustice”

Civil Rights Class Week 7

History helps people feel they belong. This is why people can feel angry when history is reinterpreted or retold in ways that make them feel uncomfortable. And yet that is not always a bad thing, since so many comforting views of the past are deeply flawed. History should not just exist to serve the present,Continue reading “Civil Rights Class Week 7”

My Monday Mindset

Sometimes I can work smart. Sometimes I work hard without being smart about the project. Sometimes I fail for lack of working hard and smart at the same time. I dubbed 2022 the year of “Easier, not harder.” That will be my only litmus test. Is this easier or harder? My current project failure isContinue reading “My Monday Mindset”

February Reading Project

I read books to find relevant knowledge and absorb it. For Black History Month I am reading textbook on black history. This textbook – Creating Black Americans: African-American History and Its Meanings, 1619 to the Present, by Nell Irvin Painter, is not part of the class syllabus but I think parts amplifies what we areContinue reading “February Reading Project”