Civil Rights Class Week 8

The Sunken Place means we’re marginalized. No matter how hard we scream, the system silences us. Jordan Peele Homework 1: Read the attached document which gives an example of how African Americans were disfranchised in the 1890s. Notes from reading: The Reconstruction era was a period in American history following the American Civil War (1861–1865);Continue reading “Civil Rights Class Week 8”

Civil Rights Class Week 7

History helps people feel they belong. This is why people can feel angry when history is reinterpreted or retold in ways that make them feel uncomfortable. And yet that is not always a bad thing, since so many comforting views of the past are deeply flawed. History should not just exist to serve the present,Continue reading “Civil Rights Class Week 7”

Civil Rights Class Week 6

I forgot to post this before spring break. Southern novelist William Faulkner’s famous line saying “The past is never dead. It’s not even past,” is usually interpreted as a reflection on how the evils of our history continue to shape the present. But Faulkner also argued, equally accurately, that the past is “not even past”Continue reading “Civil Rights Class Week 6”

Civil Rights Class week 4

“Our system isn’t broken — it’s designed to do what it’s doing: produce measurable inequity.” [Gary Chambers, a candidate for the US Senate representing Louisiana, in his latest campaign video, “Scars and Bars,” in which he discusses the cruel and destructive legacy of the Confederacy and burns a Confederate flag] I am the American heartbreak—Continue reading “Civil Rights Class week 4”

Civil Rights Class Week 3

Why are black people still fighting for civil rights in america? Between 1492 and 1820 10 million people entered the “new wold” and about 7.7 million were enslaved Africans. Noble-status = living with out the need to work Mestizos – person of mixed origin (Spanish colonizers could marry ingenious or African legally by 1514) (childrenContinue reading “Civil Rights Class Week 3”

Civil Rights Class Week 2

Click Link below to play graphic. Homework 1: Monday 31 Read 1664-1669 The Virginia Law on Baptism by Jemar Tisby Notes from reading: Black people remain the most Christian demographic in the United States yet Christianity is the “white man’s religion.” White Christians deliberately used religion to strengthen a racial caste system. 1667 VirginiaContinue reading “Civil Rights Class Week 2”

Civil Rights Class Week 1

As part of my personal growth in 2022, I am taking a civil rights class at the Rivers School in Weston, Massachusetts. The “Civil Rights Movement” refers to efforts toward achieving true equality for African Americans in all facets of society, but today the term “civil rights” is also used to describe the advancement ofContinue reading “Civil Rights Class Week 1”