Self Portraits

Continuous line quick self portraits

These 2 to 5 minute drawings look nothing like me.

I sit in front of the mirror, pick a starting point and —once I start drawing — I don’t lift my pen. I look at my face and draw the outlines of the shapes that I see to train my eye-hand coordination.

Maybe if I do enough of them, the drawings will one day resemble me.

Draw Your Day

Today I was the substitute teacher for 4 8th grade art classes. Their quote prompt for the day was “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” Maya Angelou

This is one busy spread.

Their assignment was to create a drawing to represent 2 sides of theirselves. Usually I do the art assignments, too. Instead I attempted a draw your day.

I don’t like the busyness of the spread however the pages of Leonardo daVinci that I looked at between classes are much busier.

I completed it after basketball practice instead of before bed.