Day in the History of Racial Injustice

March 7, 2022 ~After 122 years of failure, a sudden, quiet success. The U.S. Senate unanimously passed the Emmett Till Antilynching Act, a law that makes lynching a federal hate crime. The House passed the bill in February by a 410-3 vote. The measure now goes to President Joe Biden for his signature. The firstContinue reading “Day in the History of Racial Injustice”

Day in the History of Racial Injustice

March 4, 1789 – The first U.S. Congress met for the first time, operating under the U.S. Constitution and cementing slavery, racism and injustice into existence. Most of the members of the 1789 congress were slave owners. The Constitution is racist, pro-slavery and reduced African-Americans to three-fifths of a (white) human being. The Congress isContinue reading “Day in the History of Racial Injustice”

Of Women and Salt

In Of Women and Salt by Gabriela Garcia all in the voices are of women and the stories all center around women. The faculty book club at the Rivers School in Weston, Massachusetts choose the book for their March selection. It is an intergenerational novel, centered around Jeannette, a young woman struggling with addiction, andContinue reading “Of Women and Salt”

Sixth Grade Latin

When I have time, I enjoy hanging in classes at the Rivers School, in Weston, MA. This is 6th grade Latin. All sixth grade students are required to take Latin 6. This course uses the Cambridge Latin Course, Unit I, a text that offers a flexible, dynamic approach to studying Latin. From the outset, studentsContinue reading “Sixth Grade Latin”