A Day in the Life of a Substitute Teacher

8:30 AM: A Block Foundations of Sculpture

Art Around the Sculpture Room
Loves in Flowers
People Pile

The students worked on Wire Sculptures ooking for clear gesture and good craftsmanship.

9:20 AM: B Block Advanced Art

Refections of Birds

A student paints on a mirror. Birds are connected to memories she has of her grandmother.

Friends and Faces

A student photographs a classmate next to the portrait she did of her. The collection on the wall was completed by the photographer. Her project is to complete a study of each of her classmates.

Hat Trick

A student zooms with her teacher to get advice on her project. She is working with imagery of people with hats.

More Advanced Art
10AM Advisory

The students attend a zoom presentation on intersectionality and the role of Black women in Civil Rights.

12 pm Lunch
Beans and Rice. Sorry. No before photo.
1:20 pm Advance PreCalulus

Students revise their mid term exam.

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