Hopes and Dreams for 2022

This is a panel from Calvin and Hobbes, a daily American comic strip created by cartoonist Bill Watterson.

Entering this new year from a place of gratitude and abundance will help me lay a foundation of self-compassion.

New Year Resolutions have not been part of my past make up.

This, my 61th trip around the sun, however, I am making a few based on the emotions that I plan to nurture, feed and grow in 2022 to broaden my life as it grows shorter.

I will filter all that I see through a lens of love.

I will choose kindness.

I will honor and cherish my body.

I will live with absolute aliveness by my own standards.

I will choose courage.

I will cultivate relationships.

I will have more art, music and nature in my life.

I will walk and be more present.

I will cultivate self discipline.

I will be like water.

I will never stop learning.

I will embrace my mistakes.

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