Playing with Rush ~ A Practice Video

One of my goals is to teach someone else all I learn about digital storytelling. This school year I have been teaching my work sibling ~ BT ~ so he can pass the lessons on to his 7th graders in his media literacy class. Every student in our school, an independent school that services grades 6th through 12th, is issued an Apple IPad Air that is loaded with software.

First I taught BT WordPress. It will be a digital portfolio of his class projects. Once blogging becomes a habit, BT may also publish lesson plans, a class podcast, academic writings around media literacy in middle school and various life lessons.

Next BT did three assignments using the free version of InShot which is full of advertisements. He created a still photo gallery with collected sound detailing his love of water, a digital story using still photos, video and sound of the first football game of the season and a sound story / podcast about scuba diving.

The advertisements in InShot distract, frustrate and slow down the process. After talking to the school techs, BT decided that he would rather use Adobe Premier Rush. Our school owns a license.

Neither of us had used the application. I spent about an hour figuring this out. One thing that I love applications built for Apple mobile devices is the uniformity. If you can figure out the first one, you are not far from figuring out the next one.

BT wanted make a Vlog such as this one, made by a classmate, Ji Ji Marie, in a digital storytelling class taught by Stacey Patton. She used the free InShot application. Notice the watermark in the lower, right corner. I love her presentation and used as an example for BT of the possibilities for his class.

So I made myself a quick and dirty training video so I could show BT how to make his training video so he can show his class how to made a Vlog using the Picture in Picture feature. It is rough and ugly. I did check the Rush page for tutorials.

Here is my ugly training video.

Playing with Rush by Robin Tinay Sallie

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